Indianapolis Drone Mapping

Indy Drone Video, located in Westfield, Indiana, offers comprehensive drone mapping services tailored to various industries. Our advanced technology and highly skilled team enable us to capture high-resolution aerial images that are transformed into accurate 2D maps and 3D models. These maps provide valuable data and insights to businesses, municipalities, and individuals, empowering them to make informed decisions.

2D Orthomosaic Maps

At Indy Drone Video, we specialize in creating 2D orthomosaic maps. These maps are generated by stitching together numerous high-resolution aerial photos captured by our enterprise drones, resulting in a highly detailed image of a specific area. Through geo-referencing, we ensure the maps are accurate, complete with measurements and coordinates. Industries such as agriculture, construction, and real estate greatly benefit from this type of mapping.

3D Models

In addition to 2D maps, Indy Drone Video offers the creation of precise 3D models. These models provide an accurate representation of an area, serving various purposes including planning, surveying, and construction. By leveraging 3D models, one can gain insights into terrain, topography, and potential hazards, making it ideal for construction project planning, land suitability assessments, and hazard identification.

Why Use Drones for Mapping

Indy Drone Video’s drone mapping services offer numerous advantages to businesses, municipalities, and individuals. For instance, construction sites can enhance safety by leveraging accurate measurements and data to identify potential hazards. In agriculture, drone maps enable monitoring of crop health, identifying areas requiring attention, and reducing the need for pesticides and fertilizers, leading to increased yield and cost reduction. Additionally, 2D maps and 3D models are invaluable in urban planning, facilitating accurate site plans, assessing project impacts, and minimizing conflicts among stakeholders.

What is Drone Deploy and Why Use it

At Indy Drone Video, we utilize the powerful Drone Deploy platform to deliver exceptional 2D maps and 3D models. Drone Deploy empowers Indiana businesses and individuals with advanced drone mapping capabilities. This user-friendly software allows for effortless capture of aerial images, transforming them into high-resolution maps and immersive 3D models. Farmers optimizing crop health monitoring and construction professionals conducting precise site surveys can benefit from Drone Deploy’s intuitive app. Plan flight paths, direct drone image capture, and seamlessly stitch images together using Drone Deploy’s sophisticated algorithms, unlocking new insights from above and revolutionizing industries.

Why Use Indy Drone Video for Mapping

Indy Drone Video’s drone mapping services offer a cost-effective and time-saving solution for on-site data capture. Our team of highly skilled drone pilots hold FAA Part 107 certificates and we maintain insurance coverage up to $1,000,000 per incident. Employing cutting-edge technology and techniques, including Drone Deploy for data processing and analysis, we ensure accurate and detailed mapping. With a Drone Deploy account, you can access your maps and models anytime, download images, and take measurements conveniently.

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More than Just Mapping

But wait…there’s more! We also offering exciting videos that can be used for your construction business’ marketing. Spice up your social media and marketing campaigns with a fun drone video shoot like the one below:

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