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Indy Drone Video

Indy Drone Video brings the skies of Indianapolis and its surrounding areas to life with our drone photography and videography services. Our team, equipped with state-of-the-art drones and a passion for aerial beauty, captures the essence of these bustling cities from an exciting, bird’s-eye view.

Take a peek at our gallery, and you’ll find a diverse collection of projects we’ve proudly flown over. From real estate showcases to lively event coverage, and even expansive commercial ventures, our drone footage adds a vivid and dynamic layer, offering a fresh perspective on familiar places. Imagine seeing the grandeur of Indianapolis’ cityscape or the serene charm of its suburbs, such as Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville, Zionsville or Fishers,  through our lenses – it’s all there, beautifully frozen in time.

Our commitment at Indy Drone Video is rooted in pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity. Our expert crew is all about crafting extraordinary visuals that not only meet but soar above our clients’ expectations. Need breathtaking aerial shots for your real estate, a commercial endeavor, or a special occasion? We’ve got you covered with imagery that will truly make your project shine.

We invite you to explore our portfolio of aerial photos and videos. If you’re curious to see how our services can elevate your next project, give us a shout. We’re more than ready to help your vision take flight!

Indy Drone Video

Video Gallery

See the Beautiful State of Indiana

The Indianapolis area is even more beautiful from an aerial drone view!

Residential Real Estate

A drone fly-through of a million dollar home in Greenfield, Indiana is a great way to sell a home.

Travel Videos

Yes, we even shoot vacation videos! Let us travel with you to capture those magic locations.

Commercial Real Estate

Selling a business? Let us shoot drone video and photos for your valuable property.

Social Media Videos

How to turn a construction site into fun marketing video for your business to share on social media.

Explore Downtown Cityscapes

We highlight the beauty of any downtown with drone flyovers, exciting edits, and compelling music.

Visit Noblesville, Indiana

When highlighting a new residential neighborhood being built, showcase the attractions in that neighborhood.

Business Videos

We love to shoot videos for business, particularly events such as ground-breaking ceremonies or ribbon-cuttings!