Mark Bianchi

Mark Bianchi is the owner/operator of Indy Drone Video.

Time-Lapsed Drone Video

Time-lapse aerial photography offers several benefits when it comes to promoting your project and company in a unique and creative way. By utilizing our services, you can effectively document your construction project with stunning aerial pictures and videos, providing you with a multitude of advantages. One of the key benefits is the ability to showcase …

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Indianapolis Roof Inspection

Revolutionizing Roof Inspections with Drones

Revolutionizing Roof Inspections Using Drones Roof inspections are an essential part of property maintenance and construction projects, ensuring the structural integrity and identifying potential issues before they escalate. Traditionally, these inspections required manual labor, climbing ladders, and expensive equipment. However, with the advent of drone technology, roof inspections have undergone a remarkable transformation. Drones have …

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